AAPI Heritage Month

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) is a month-long celebration which recognizes the contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islanders. In 1977, congressional lawmakers proposed bills for the creation of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. After passing a law for a 7-day commemoration in 1978, Congress passed Public Law 102-450 in 1992 which annually designated May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month. Nationally celebrated in May, AAPIHM is celebrated in April at Indiana University to allow the entire campus and community to take part in the activities before the semester ends.

Our partnerships with IU’s Asian Culture Center since 2012 have led to inspiring programs with talented guest filmmakers, premiering films in the Midwest that we have cherished as part of our program. IU Cinema’s audiences are the beneficiaries of their goodwill and collaborative programming; we look forward to working with them each spring.

Jon Vickers, Founding Director, IU Cinema