The IU Asian Culture Center stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.
Thousands attended the recent "Enough is Enough" March and Protest held on June 5, 2020 in Bloomington Indiana. The event was In response to the recent murders of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, victims of endemic racism and police brutality. We thank the organizers for their inspiration and for allowing the community to come together in solidarity and in support of Black Lives Matter! More about the organizing team here.

Now Is The Time To Act

Statement from the IU Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council and the IU Asian Culture Center
Early this week, the body of George Floyd was laid to rest. We were deeply pained and outraged to witness the horrific and senseless murder of George Floyd two weeks ago. Captured in that video was the police's disregard of George Floyd as a human being and our society's heartless judgment that he was expendable. It would be a disgrace to have felt nothing or to do nothing about what we, and the world, witnessed. George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were recent victims of endemic racism and police brutality. Black lives matter!
Many of us know what racism means and how it feels. We know what it is to be called derogatory terms. We also know what it feels like to experience racism in an overt and casual manner and to be seen as "other." We also know how we are made to feel like we do not belong in places where we work, pray, study, shop, and live. However, we do not know what it is like to live as a Black person. We do not know the constant fear that Black people feel and experience each time they leave their homes. Standing in solidarity with Black students, coworkers, friends, and neighbors, we also feel a strong moral obligation now more than ever to educate ourselves about the Black struggle and to build a closer coalition with the Black community.
Here in our own backyard and in this particular moment, there are things that we can do as a community. Now is the time to act! We believe that structural racial injustice needs to be tackled systemically in many ways. Our way is through education and civic engagement.
The APAFSC and the ACC are in the process of organizing initiatives with the goal of further educating and engaging our community. These initiatives include:
  1. Conversation Circles A series of virtual, hour-long discussions that will help us understand the following:
    1. How Asian Americans benefit from the Black struggle
    2. Asian Americans' relationship with the Black community
    3. Asian Americans' intentional or inadvertent complicity in systemic racism
    4. Other issues will include colorism, anti-blackness, and the model minority myth
  2. Letters for Black Lives
    1. This will be a virtual roundtable inspired by the "Letters for Black Lives" initiative. We will discuss and moderate this discussion in specific Asian languages.
  3. Coalition Building
    1. This group will meet to discuss and evaluate current practices and policies at IU that pose as stumbling blocks in building and supporting BIPOC coalitions.
More information and registration details will be coming soon.
We hope you will support these efforts as we respond to the call to help stop racism and work collectively to become thoughtful allies with the Black community.

Prof. Fei Hsien Wang
Chair, Asian Pacific American Faculty and Staff Council

Melanie Castillo-Cullather
Sarah Moon Stamey
Asian Culture Center

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