Academic Support

  • 21st Century Scholars Program
  • Academic Support Center
  • Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program
  • Groups Scholars Program
  • Hudson & Holland Scholars Program
  • Mentoring Services & Leadership Development
  • Overseas Studies & Scholarship Program

Cultural and Community Support

  • African American Arts Institute
  • Asian Culture Center
  • Community & School Partnerships
  • Community & Student Engagement
  • First Nations Educational & Cultural Center
  • LGBTQ+ Culture Center
  • La Casa/Latino Cultural Center
  • Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center

Being a small part of the ACC at the beginning gave me a purpose outside of the classroom and I will cherish the experience forever. The ACC is a testament to the coordination between students, staff, and Indiana University who nurtured an idea to reality and more. Seeing the ACC flourish to become an institution within IU shows students can take an idea and make it their own.

Jason Chi, B.S. 1999