Programs & Services

Program Descriptions

The ACC hosts programs and events throughout the year, some of which are held at the center as well as around IU campus. These initiatives include activities and gatherings, workshops, exhibitions, and discussions on contemporary issues, history, and culture related to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

  • Discussion Programs
    • Over a Cup of Tea is monthly discussion program at the Asian Culture Center since 1999. For over 20 years, the ACC has invited faculty members, scholars, and guest presenters to discuss issues concerning Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Topics range from racial justice, identity, mental health to current and historical events. Past presenters include Pulitzer-Prize winning author Viet Nguyen (The Sympathizer), journalist Helen Zia (Asian American Dreams), Dr. Anthony Ocampo, Professor Emerita Roshni Rustomji-Kerns (Sonoma State University), musician Magdalen Hsu Li, and activist and author Wen Ho Lee (My Country Versus Me).
    • "Who are Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders?" is a monthly roundtable lunch on race and culture issues
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a month-long celebration acknowledging the history, cultures, and contributions of AAPIs in the U.S.
  • Cultural Programs, such as Lunar New Year, Holi, Asian American Film Series, and "Asian Cultures Around Campus" featuring cooking demonstrations, henna, and calligraphy.
  • Retracing Our Roots, a program that offers challenging activities aimed at rediscovering identity, providing an opportunity to meet new friends, and developing one's potential.
  • Asian Language Learning Program, available to those interested in brushing on native speaking skills, or perhaps to simply learn basic survival phrases in a particular Asian language. Either way, we can help!
  • Mental Health and Wellness provides free and confidential counseling and small group discussions on relevant topics including exploring identity, practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and managing stress and anxiety.
  • Peer Support offers free mentoring, advice, and support for students needing guidance with cultural adjustment, campus life, and schoolwork.
  • Volunteer Opportunities at the ACC include: teaching an Asian language class, serving as an English conversation partner, contributing a cultural performance at special events, and helping with setup/clean up/general assistance during ACC events.

The Midwest has the smallest percentage of the Asian American population.

From Pew Research Center, based on U.S. Census data. The Census only includes people of East Asian, South Asia, and Southeast Asian backgrounds under the term "Asian American."